I think it's more than hate, Brent. I think it's the desperate need to feel superior. And I've seen it in many guises over the years.

I remember feeling really confused regarding the holocaust, wondering how many people could have gone along with such obviously horrible ideas, but then I discovered the role Eugenics played. People took Darwin's theory 'survival of the fittest' and decided to 'engineer' a more 'fit' society by killing 'undesirables'.

The idea of Eugenics hasn't disappeared, it's still around and killing others they disagree with today (Palestine, Uighurs, Yemenis, Ukraine) active in many ways.

Some people need to look down on others to affirm their own worth. It's sad.

And these people have an active reason to 'hate'.

I do think at some level they know it's wrong. But they do it anyway.

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Our father opened the gates to a concentration camp. He was never the same. I taught German for years and I was fortunate enough to hear Elie Wiesel speak. I used to focus on WWII during German II. Those who don’t learn from history are destined to relive it. Thank you for writing this message from your heart.

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I agree; shouting will not work. It's tempting, though. For instance, personally, I despise bullies so much that I want to bully the bullies, but, of course, like shouting, that won't do any good and , among other things, will hurt me more than the other guy. Maybe instead of shouting, an article like the one you wrote will work. One reader at a time. Anyway, thanks for writing it! I hear ya.

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Shouting isn't helping any more than looking in the mirrors of history ...

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