Well said Brent, a good way to look at luxuries. My favourite vehicle is a 2005 Dodge Caravan, 300k kms, well rusted and customized with dents. Some things on it don't work but all the important things still do. Dog loves riding in it; my wife - not so much.

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I can’t love this column more.

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My father didn't give me much, although when I was freelancing my old beater was beaten, and after visiting us in Denver offered to buy a car. I found the least expensive car I could, a Pinto, and it was easily the worst purchase ever. I was running to the airport to put an assignment on a plane, since this was before Fed=X, etc. Halfway to the airport the thing gave out. I was able to hitch a ride to the airport, then caught a cab home. When I explained where the car was and why, my wife sent a "wrecker" out to retrieve it. She had a good paying job. While I couldn't thank my father and wife for doing what they could to help me at the time, that Pinto ruined me on buying new cars. Once was enough, and it sure the hell wasn't a Jaguar or Escalade!

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Agree completely. And I would add that I would never pay for first class airfare for the same reason. With respect to Haiti what burns me is how they are still paying reparations to France for allowing themselves not to be enslaved. It's one of many reasons I really can't stand France.

One of our previous prime ministers Jean Chretien, suggested that western countries should forgive third world debt because it was acquired by nefarious leaders installed by the west who were given kickbacks to purchase infrastructure the countries couldn't afford (like telephone service that enabled the westerners to spy on them as well).

All the western countries refused.

Many people don't realize that the reason the third world is the way it is is because of western debt that are remnants of colonialism. They're stuck paying interest to rich countries and have no funds to provide services to their people.

Even if I had an extra 100k I'd never buy an Escalade, God willing.

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A story I'd recommend is to read about Smedley Butler - he was a Marine Corps officer in South and Central America, one of the very few people ever awarded the Medal of Honor for Bravery TWICE. He wrote a book called "War is a Racket," where he explains how after many years he finally understood that most of his service in the Marine Corps was actually just to help out United Fruit and other conglomerates keep control and keep costs low.

I loved history in school and I have read history books for pleasure my entire adult life, but it was many years before I came across the story how Haiti has to pay reparations to France.

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Sep 15, 2023Liked by Brent Olson

Sounds like a great but depressing book. After I read Children of the Broken Treaty by Charlie Angus I was sad for weeks. It's all about how the Canadian government regardless of political party has reneged on treaty obligations and kept the native population destitute.

There are enough resources for the entire world to be fed and comfortable, problem is greed.

Honestly 8f I didn't believe there's a Day of Judgment where all this injustice is going to be addressed I do think I'd go mad.

People may think they're getting away with things but even in this life they're not. There are consequences.

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