Yeah, I'm growing old, too, and am reminded almost daily, if not weekly, to slow down and enjoy life and living. While I'm not much of a list maker, thinking that the reasons for them are the hopefully eventual black marks through the various listings, I've now experienced three trips to Nebraska for the crane migrations, toured Aldo Leopold's sand farm and cabin, and sat on his little bench at a bend of the Wisconsin River. Next year we've booked a long boat on the Danube. For as you know, you grow old only once, and working chocolate out of a graying beard is a dividend of ageless wonder.

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I love crossing out items on a to-do list. For someone with such a high tolerance for chaos, it's a little odd, but, you know, so am I.

As the years progress I am gradually getting better at indulging myself. Just recently Robin has been trying to break me of the habit of telling her how cheap a particular book was that I purchased....she doesn't really care.

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